First of all, thank you.  This is a big challenge, and I know that I'll need all sorts of help to accomplish it.  There are four ways (so far) that I know I'm needing help, so feel free to join in at whatever level and in whatever way you you're willing.

Donate Now!
  • Donate:  My main goal is to raise funds for the Arthritis National Research Foundation.  They are one of the highest rated charities by Charity Navigator and are doing primary research to find a cure and better treatments for arthritis. They have also been super encouraging of me and my goal.  If you decide to donate directly to them via their donation page you can let them know that you heard about them through me, which will be a great encouragement.  You can also donate here through my page and I'll be able to keep track of the donations that I send to them as well.
  • Help me plan my route:  Especially if you live or ride on my planned route, I'd love to know more about the best roads, and would love to have company - if you would ride along part of the way and/or help me recruit a group of friends, that would be awesome.  I've started with my "The Route" page, but if you'd send me an email, we can connect in more detail.  
  • Gear:  I'm trying to fund this ride mostly myself, but good gear doesn't come cheap - if you have connections with bike industry companies, or anything like that, I'd love to see if they'd consider sponsoring me in some way.  I am putting together a "wishlist" on of some of the things I think might help along the way.  I'm also hoping to get some other goodies developed (stickers, T-shirts, even a jersey) in case you'd like to display your support that way.  Coming soon!
  • Spread the Word!  If you'd tweet, email your friends, post on Facebook.  Anything you'd be willing to do to help me get the word out would be fantastic.  Let me know when you share, too, so I can thank you!