Sick Day

Today is the first day of summer and my sister’s graduation: which I haven’t come to terms with but shan’t think about till 7 o’clock tonight.

Anyway, the end of May is almost upon us and Dad and I hadn’t yet finished our CIBA 500 miles in May goal yet. With all the graduation and family events scheduled for this weekend, today was our last chance to ride the 31 CIBA miles we needed to complete our goal and earn our free jerseys (the best part of course). Unfortunately, I’ve been very much sick this entire week – finals week, which has been just a fabulous time. I got up this morning with just a couple hours of real sleep, a sore throat, completely stuffed up head, and a cough. I considered cutting myself a break, but could not abide with missing my goal by just 31 miles. So, we headed out to Indian Creek Church for the Southeast Trainer CIBA ride, and took a shorter loop than the 54 miler we had done the past weekend. It sucked, but turning up my music and drinking every mile made it manageable. We got not just 31 but actually 34 miles in, bringing our May CIBA total to about 503 miles.

I’m really pleased with this accomplishment, because it means that some of my training has paid off, and my epic ride goal seems much more achievable. Six weeks ago, 28 miles at 15 mph on a beautiful day during our Franklin CIBA ride was a struggle. Now I can do the same ride at the same speed – while sick as a dog.

We celebrated this triumph at Panda Express – here is my lunch complete with an entire box of Kleenex, half of which I went through today.

Now I just have to deal with my sister’s graduation – wish me luck!