New Jerseys!

Dad and I have finally designed some Bethanywhere custom bike jerseys! It took us awhile but we’re rather pleased with the finished product.

Here it is!

New Jersey (Not the state!)

Up top we’ve got, obviously, the Bethanywhere logo, then the hot air bicycle because it’s nifty, then what I suppose has become the Bethanywhere motto: Going places…even if it hurts” and finally, at the bottom, we’ve listed some of those places I’m going in order of our arrival on the bike trip: Franklin College, University of Indianapolis, Butler University, Valparaiso University, the University of Chicago, and finally Macalester College.

We’ve ordered one for each member in our family, and doubled up for Dad and me so we can wear the jerseys throughout the ride. Of course, if anyone happens to be interested in ordering a jersey, that can most definitely be arranged. Just comment below and we’ll get one ordered for you.

Do look forward to the many fabulous pictures of me sweating in these fancy Bethanywhere jerseys that are soon to come – unfortunately it’s pretty much impossible to be fabulous in the middle of a strenuous bike ride but the new jerseys will definitely add some glam.

Thanks for reading, more updates (and pictures) to come!