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Charissa & Me at her graduation in May of 2014

Just a quick note to link a great article that UIndy posted today.  Hope to see many of you tomorrow at Benjamin's.  We'll try to be there by about 8am and leave by 9.  Remember that the first few miles will be at a kids' friendly pace - around the Courthouse, over to Franklin College, then via the Greenway Trail to Needham & Webb Elementary.  Feel free to bring bikes and ride along if you like!

Oh, another cool thing about the article is that it mentions so many people who have been a great part of this whole journey so far.  First, my dear big sister, Charissa, my roommate and best friend, who'll be attending UIndy starting next month.  Then my Aunt Becky, who graduated from UIndy both as an undergrad and as a Physical Therapist. (Coincidentally, Charissa's graduation gift was a trip to visit Aunt Becky in Seattle and she's there right now!)  Also my Great-Aunt Cheryl who has always been a huge support to me and has been so encouraging with this journey.  And finally, my Great-Grandpa, who was a trustee of UIndy for a couple of decades, and who lived his last several years at Wesley Manor in Frankfort, where I'll be stopping the first night of my ride.