A Significant Update

It’s been a while since I was last able to post – I blame school and AP exams  and such nonsense. However, there have been several important developments  lately, and I’ll do my best not to forget anything!

First, the most serious stuff: Dad took me to the rheumatologist on Tuesday (May 13th), and we were finally able to discuss the bike ride with Dr. Ballinger at Riley.  I was a little worried that she would be against it because of potential complications in the future and the risk of damaging important joints and such.  In the end, she loved the idea of sort of triumphing over the disease and essentially told me that she’ll never tell a patient not to do something, just encourage them to exercise caution. She suggested building in a few extra days to the ride to provide a cushion in case joint pain becomes excessive, and I’m trying to see how to fit that in around school and marching band and all the other crazy stuff I do. So we’ve got the doctor’s backing! 

Now that we know I’m sure that I'm allowed to ride, Dad and I have been working on getting this idea off the ground. As a completely broke teenager, I offered a family friend named Cody Jones a couple of nights of babysitting in exchange for a professional logo design.  Here I am hanging out with one of the world’s most fabulous babies, already a ladykiller and he knows it.

And here, almost as importantly, is the new logo!

Feeling pretty stoked about the new website and logo – but, being a bike-riding, long-haired, candle-making musician, I’m going to work with my equally hippie sister on tweaking the website design a little to reflect my personality, so expect some Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes and sepia photographs.

Beyond the media aspects of the trip, Dad and I have also been training hard lately. We’ve done some fifty plus mile rides these past two weekends, with interesting outcomes and some strange happenings.

On the first ride, we trucked along (there were many hills and I wasn’t a big fan) and made decent time on a CIBA group ride in Columbus. We were 49.5 miles in, just a half a mile to the parking lot where we had started, when suddenly this giant herd of wild deer appeared out of nowhere and sprinted across the four-lane highway. Both of us were nearly hit head-on by deer, but managed to survive due to some hasty prayers and luck. One of the deer broke his leg while dashing across the road. He popped right back up and made to the other side, but then he fell and couldn’t get back up – as his entire herd ran on and left him. I was horrified. I immediately yelled to Dad that we needed to go help the unfortunate, but as we were on a busy highway there wasn’t much to – so I insisted that we turn back. Dad humored me and we returned to see the deer still struggling, but several local farmers had already pulled over to deal with him. Apparently he needed to be put down, because his leg would never heal right and his herd had abandoned him. I’m assuming Bambi was eventually put down, but I definitely did not stick around to watch. That episode sort of put a damper on the triumphant return, but the ride was still a great one and frankly how often do ten deer stampede a highway while you’re trying to ride your bicycle and you survive?

The next weekend, we went for another 60-65 mile CIBA ride, this time in Lawrence. We started out strong…then 16 miles in my back tire flatted.  A hundred yards later, the patch on my tire failed. After this repair to a repair was made, we continued on for five miles only to have Dad’s back tire flat. Within a mile his patch failed as well. We switched out inner tubes and hoped they would work better, and received two more flat tires for our efforts. Needless to say, by the time we reached the first SAG stop, it was long gone, along with everyone participating in the group ride. However, we pressed on, (missing the second SAG as well) and rode until I announced lightheadedness and so we then enjoyed a McDonalds’ feast.  By the time we finished this ride, I was so sunburnt that I think I’m already more tan than I’ve ever been in my life. However, I’m rather crispy and sunblock has now become an essential component in my kit.

So here is the update on all things Bethany in the past few weeks! As I’ve recently enjoyed popularity on social media I encourage everyone to keep sharing and liking, thanks for getting the word out!