A Fabulous Ride

The only way I cash describe today's ride is totally fabulous.  Dad and I were desperate to get a ride in after my bike fit, and today was the first time I got in a decent-length ride after the fit.  I absolutely love it!  Suddenly keeping up with Dad was easy, and all leg cramps disappeared!  I felt so much stronger and faster.  

Dad spent the 28 miles explaining the finer pouts of competitive cycling to me which I was able to hear and understand because this time I wasn't gasping for breath two bike lengths behind!  We also did a half dozen two-minute speed intervals and practiced standing up out of the saddle - feats I had struggled with before.  to top it off, the weather was beautiful with minimal wind and sunny skies - not to mention that the calves were out in the pasture and seeing them is my favorite part of the Franklin route.

I'm feeling inspired and prospects are definitely looking up regarding the Epic Ride, in both strength and pain management.

Special thanks to Brian Goatee, proprietor of Gray Goat Sports, our family's favorite local Bike shop, a master fitter, who did a fantastic job.  Can't wait to have the new location open just four blocks from my house!