Day Five -- Rest Day!

I woke up this morning at six thirty for some odd reason and went out on the dock to watch this:

Here Comes the Sun at Silver Lake

Here Comes the Sun at Silver Lake

Then I went back to bed. And the rest of the day has pretty much followed along those lines.

Lying around feels SO AMAZING. It also helps that my grandparents slaved away before we arrived to fill the house with unbelievable amounts of food including an entire roast chicken with stuffing. After four days of sweating and blisters and sunburn I feel like a princess! Actually, I haven't done anything particularly princess-like all day unless dancing to Frank Sinatra in the kitchen counts. (And that was after I sampled pretty much every single food item I found in the fridge, because why not?)

Anyway, besides the great tenderness towards the food and the delight at the fact that I was allowed to sleep all day, I feel much the same as I did last night -- and I'd like to say that after the struggle of yesterday on the road, I felt encouraged. The responses I keep getting are just awesome, and I will be ready to get back on the road tomorrow. You can all be assured that I will continue to "work that fanny"! You guys are the best!

While I was gloriously lazing around, my dad decided he needed to bike to town to correct a small difficulty we have encountered in our travels. You see, over the past few days my dad has been using and encouraging me to use some Burt's Bees concoction when our lips get chapped from the sun and wind. I was feverishly putting some on yesterday and wondering why on earth my lips have been feeling so weird when I took the time to look at the container. It was not, in fact, lip balm but some sort of hand lotion that you really aren't supposed to put on your face. Ever. It was really astonishing how quickly my lips deflated to normal size once I started using actual Chapstick. 

I was amused and impressed when dad decided it was time for him to go to town (though I was most definitely excited about having a normal face again) because I had absolutely no intentions of abusing my rest day with biking. He didn't seem to mind, and I came to the realization that on this journey, dad is "The Sherpa." I am the over priveleged white guy who can barely struggle up the mountain, and he carries the heavy stuff and scampers along no problem. Hence, he is now The Sherpa for the rest of this trip, and will be referenced as such. 

Now -- unfortunately I have a very pressing arrangement this evening, and it is watching "Risky Business" with The Sherpa because he made some reference on the bike a few days ago and I didn't get it -- so I will say goodnight!  

Thank you for reading, 




P.S. A good family friend of ours (the father of my littlest fan, Henry) texted me a picture of a Yellow Car, and The Sherpa and I are currently engaged in hot debate as to whether or not I get to count it. The official Yellow Car Roster will be posted tomorrow with the result!  

P.P.S. Special bonus - today I am Pippin!