Day Six -- (101 miles today, 507 so far)

Today I am grateful, and that's why I survived. You see, after a day of pampering in Oconomowoc, neither my mind nor my body was in any mood to touch my bike again. However, it was time to get back on the road so The Sherpa and I set out at 7:45 this morning.

We had only traveled about 19 miles when I was officially done. I was sore, stiff, and heartily sick of pushing myself. Nothing in The Sherpa's extensive Motivational Arsenal was working, so he called in reinforcements: Mom. One blubbery phone call later, I had some new strategies and encouragement to get me through. First: take every mile as just that, one mile. Thinking about the total distance or the fact that I had some ten hours left on the bike for the day could only shut me down. Second, she suggested that I take into consideration that this bike ride isn't just for me anymore -- it's given other people hope and therefore it's not senseless pain. She told me I might find some comfort in the melodramatic (as my theatrical personality usually does) by dedicating each mile to a person: this mile is for Aunt Cheryl, for being a saint. This mile is for Aunt Chris, for her perseverance and warmth that I one day hope to emulate. This mile is for The Sherpa, for being The Sherpa. This one is for my little sister Zoe, for being endlessly entertaining and sassy. This one is for my littlest fan Henry Jones, for being the most suave little devil I've ever met.

The beautiful boy, Hank, at our send off last Saturday.

The beautiful boy, Hank, at our send off last Saturday.

I went through many, many miles in this manner, and if your name is not mentioned in here, I'm pretty sure I can guarantee it was mentioned in my head at one point. I intend to continue this strategy tomorrow, because I've been lucky enough to be blessed with many, many wonderful people in my life and generous supporters on my journey. 

I'm ever so grateful to each and every one of you -- I would have named you off one by one but I'm afraid my blog post would exceed the verbal limits (and my readership would become ridiculously bored). 

Regardless, this method of passing the time served to both speed up the clock and put me in a much improved mood. 

After this, I was further encouraged when dad and I were trundling along and happened to pass two little girls and their lemonade stand. They were set up on a road directly branching off a highway, and as such had enjoyed very little traffic through their little business. However, they started jumping up and down and waving their arms wildly when they saw us pedaling towards them, and excitedly told us that for bikes lemonade was free, of course it was free! We made a little donation to their enterprise anyway, but it was so sweet how they got so excited to give us free lemonade. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it standard practice to stop at any and all lemonade stands in the future. They're very important. 

Now, I must go to bed so I can hopefully extend this good mood into tomorrow's ride!  

Thank you for reading, and all that you do,




P.S. Yellow Car stands at 54-54, but unfortunately The Sherpa is winning because he has more Bugs than me (+3 on our tiebreaker) and yes I stooped to the level of Hummers (falling to +1) However, my gift car was deemed acceptable and so I am pleased. I fully expect a crushing victory on my part tomorrow, stay tuned!